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You and your spouse now have each others undivided attention and nothing to talk about. You may just sit in a room together in akward silence. So now what? It’s time to reconnect! From my experience ( as in yesterday) measuring and hanging drywall in the basement with your husband is not the way. It is definitely not conducive to kind words and building a happier marriage. Don’t do that! That being said , make a plan to do something you both enjoy. My bet is when the kids left the house they took all the fun stuff with them. See what all the teenage arguments were about. Go buy your own gaming system. You’re never to old! Make it fun ( the Loser gets to do all the laundry)! My husband and I have enjoyed alot of competitive sports games on our Wii. The kids will be really suprised when they find out what you’ve been up to. They may even want to stop by for a gaming session with mom and dad!

Published by Befritzie

Hello! My name is Barbie. I am a Paraprofessional Teaching Assistant in a high special needs Pre-K classroom for my local school district. I am working on year 15. I am a wife to a wonderful man. I am the empty nester mother of 3 grown children, ages 26 (boy), 22 (girl) and 19 (boy). I am happy to share my experiences, a bit of humor, some real feelings and a few tips and bits of advice. I hope that I may be of some help to you on your own journey with the seasons of change.

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